○ Repair of wheel loader gearboxes and wheel loader axles

Keeping your Swedish wheel loader working well again

Wheel loaders are used every day and must constantly deliver maximum performance. However, when this reliable tool is not working, it needs to be quickly repaired and made ready for use again. With a simple damage, which can be repaired with one of our economical spare parts, this is no problem. And if it is a gearbox failure, what can we do? We simply repair it! You will find out here why it's worth it and how the whole repair process works at SWECOTEC.

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Repair of wheel loader gearboxes and wheel loader axles

Why getting a wheel loader gearbox
repaired pays off

Why getting a wheel loader gearbox repaired pays off

Time factor

We repair damaged gearboxes on request within 2 weeks (express, for an additional charge). The sooner your machine is up and running again, the more economical it is for your company. In addition, all common spare parts are usually available in stock.

Economic efficiency

As a business owner, you depend on your machines and should have as little downtime as possible. Quite often, just small weak points and minor failures cause the gearbox to break down. In order to ensure that your cost efficiency does not suffer too much in case of a downtime, it is a good idea to have your gearbox fixed by our specialists. We are professional, price-conscious and guarantee for our work.


With our know-how and our professional repair service, we get broken wheel loader transmissions back on track. Repairing good machines is usually worth it for everyone involved. It protects your profitability and our environment.

“Gearboxes are extremely complex systems. It takes years of experience and knowledge to achieve a high-quality repair result. Compared to an original replacement gearbox, it is a cost effective solution.”

Jürgen Biechteler
Construction machinery mechanic master

Jürgen Biechteler
Jürgen Biechteler

5 strong reasons for SWECOTEC

  • Professional service
  • Exceptional value for your money
  • Common spare parts for Swedish construction machines available on stock
  • Qualified consultation from construction machinery specialists
  • Global network for both new and used spare parts
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5 strong reasons for SWECOTEC
5 strong reasons for SWECOTEC

This is how a gearbox service with SWECOTEC works

1Request & cost estimate

Describe your initial situation to us and tell us about the problem with the machine. Based on your description, you will receive a first cost estimate without any obligation.

2Failure analysis & offer

Remove the broken component and ship it to us for a detailed check. At this point, we can get a detailed insight and provide you with an exact quote for the repair costs. If a repair is no longer worth it due to the damage, we can provide refurbished components with a warranty fast and at a reasonable price.

3Repair & Return

As soon as we get your approval for repair, we start with the overhaul of the gearbox. Afterwards, we send the fixed component back to you.